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What’s The Quartz Countertop?
May 28, 2018

What’s the Quartz countertop?


Pure White Engineered Quartz Stone Kitchen Benchtops Worktops.jpgQuartz stone countertops refer to the countertops made of quartz stone, which are mostly made of broken glass and quartz sand. The advantage of quartz stone countertops is that they are not afraid of scratching, good heat resistance, and can be tiled on a large area, with seamless stitching and durability

Because this product is a new kind of decorative surface material made of quartz crystal ore as raw material, it is a combination of natural beauty and high technology. This kind of quartz crystal ore has natural characteristics such as crystal clearness, clearness, beautiful appearance, luxuriousness, high hardness, no deformation, no discoloration, strong toughness, no radioactivity, and strong acid resistance, so it is called “jade mine”. The surface material made of quartz using this raw material combines the advantages of natural stone and artificial stone. It has been widely adopted and used by many countries in the world, including Europe, the United States, Australia, the Middle East and other countries.


Price For Engineered Stone Artificial Quartz Kitchen Countertop.jpgQuartz stone countertops is a new kind of artificial man-made stone synthesized from tiny ornate English stones. Its manufacturing process is linked with a set of the most advanced and patented systems. More than 90% of natural quartz or gangue is incorporated into the product, and a combination of an ultra-high-performance resin and special pigments is combined. The quartz countertops made of quartz are free of any harmful radioactive elements on the basis of ensuring high hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, and easy cleaning. Usually quartz stone plates contain up to 93% natural quartz. They also contain resins, mineral pigments and other additive components. The selected materials are formed into extremely compact composites by toning with high pressure and vacuum, followed by complex slitting and The surface polishing process becomes quartz stone. The surface of the plate is as hard as granite, the color is as rich as marble, the structure is as anticorrosion and antifouling as glass, and the shape after finishing is as perfect as artificial stone.