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What’s The Artificial Stone Countertop?
May 18, 2018

What’s the artificial stone countertop?


Cheapest Project Grey G617 Granite Tile.jpgArtificial stone countertops usually refer to artificial stone solid surface countertops, artificial granite bench tops, and artificial stone quartz stone countertops. In terms of beauty, durability and elegant temperament, the artificial stone solid surface is the best, followed by the artificial stone gangue countertops, and then the artificial stone quartz stone countertops. In high-end luxury shopping malls such as Taikoo Hui in Guangzhou, artificial stone solid surface countertops are often used. Different types of artificial stone countertops have different effects. After determining the types of artificial stone countertops, the corresponding brands of artificial stone should be selected according to specific needs.

Square Carrara White Marble Table Tops.jpgArtificial stone countertops are more widely used than traditional wooden countertops, natural marble countertops and other materials. It should be noted that different types of artificial stone countertops have slightly different application areas. In general, artificial stone solid surface table tops are the most widely used, followed by man-made stone bench tops and artificial stone quartz stone countertops. Artificial stone solid surface materials can be used for office desks, sinks, reception desks, cabinets, display racks and so on. As a countertop, the fewer the seams the better. Therefore, the widest choice is the best choice.

More and more consumers are starting to pay attention to the environmental protection and hygiene issues on the table. The tabletops are most closely related to food, and the durability and antibacterial properties of the countertops directly affect people's daily lives. Most of the countertops now decorated are natural stone (marble or granite) and artificial stone. Both materials can be used. Relatively speaking, natural stone is harder and artificial stone is softer.