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What Is The Realistic Performance Of Marble Tiles?
Oct 11, 2018

What is the realistic performance of marble tiles?


Thunder Beige Marble Polished Tiles.jpgThe combination of the beauty of nature and the tacit understanding of modern science has created the atmosphere of the marble tile paving effect. In order to let the beauty of nature enter thousands of households, the realistic rendering of the marble tile texture by the merchants is painstaking. Realistic, is the soul of marble tiles, the fidelity of the texture is not comparable to the traditional full-glazed glaze. The texture of marble tiles comes from rare stones all over the world. Through the infrared detection and scanning technology, the sides of each side of the brick are tested. In order to avoid the overall effect of the whole paving, the effect of one stone and many faces is deliberately made.

In terms of craftsmanship, the glaze upgrade and the new printing process escort the realistic appearance of the marble tile texture. Marble tiles are very strict with glaze requirements. On the one hand, high-quality glazes ensure the delicate and rich color, on the other hand, the tiles are more wear-resistant. The printing process for producing marble can be roughly divided into three types, one is inkjet printing; the other is a special printing net designed according to marble lines; the third is to combine the above two. Each of the three printing processes has its own characteristics, but in the final analysis, it is all for the marble texture to be realistic.

Nowadays, the tile polishing technology is very mature, the hard throwing ensures the flatness of the product, and the soft throwing technology makes the marble tile have the best visual comfort. The gloss of the polished marble tiles can reach the brilliance of the natural marble after waxing, and the paving effect is magnificent. The soft-light marble is gentle and elegant, and does not pursue bright light, and the visual effect is comfortable.