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Stone Walls Become The Home Building Industry As A Whole Is Unstoppable
Nov 23, 2016

The whole stone wall can be used for TV background wall, sofa, wall, dining room walls, entrance wall, stair hallway walls, and highly individual needs of customers. Stone walls after years of technological advancement and marketing, brand trends are becoming evident, Terminal stores everywhere. Many large home improvement stores are already split out specialized background area, such as red star meikai long, House, yuexing homes nationally known brands such as home improvement stores are no exception. Artificial stone walls, ceramic wall or natural stone walls, are obviously moving in the direction of overall development, and the walls become the home building industry growing. If the wall stores before in the home improvement store is a lonely alien, so comparable to ceramics, sanitary ware, flooring.

Under the guidance of such a trend, the whole stone wall after processing and perfect service can bring considerable added value, will naturally attract many artificial stone, natural stone and ceramic tile manufacturers into the walls. However, due to the relatively low barriers to entry, no uniform standard, does not have the authority of the State certification, resulting in wall industry competition, confusion in the market. Pricing system in particular, due to the different industries wall brand positioning, product materials and manufacturing technologies, a lack of industry standards, pricing confusion, falls far short of the high, medium and low price system.

Because of chaos, walls industries as a whole there are no real brand giants, so have the opportunities. However, as the industry develops to a certain stage when voice calls for industry standards are on the rise, due to the market turmoil, from manufacturers, distributors and consumers will be the victim, stone walls as a whole based on home building and lakes, are recognized and protected, become common for all urgent needs.

On the overall brand of stone walls and becomes the home building industry, the call is a wave after wave. Looking at the market, vendors emerge, to multiply increase, dealers have to seize the opportunity, looking for strong brand quickly to win the regional agency. Stone walls as a whole has tried to become an independent home improvement industry segments, is to get rid of for a long time as a walk-on status accessories. Brand manufacturers and distributors should have a strategic vision, focus on the long-term development of the market and the brand vision, if everyone just to make quick money, then did die in the end is the market, dragging down all her own.

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