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Stone Protection Skills Are What
Nov 23, 2016

Stone care engineering site protection are often accompanied by stone grinding, there are two main methods:

, Protective water lapping: waterborne protective agent in ground water, ground protection; this method is only suitable for low-end project in water protection; and higher efficiency!

Second, brushing: after grinding is complete, uniform coating layer protective agent. Advanced Engineering in the protective liquid grinding, brushing over oily protective effect is better!

Both protective of water lapping, or is even painted, done before protection must ensure that these places are not the problem:

1, the stone material surface smooth and five edge collapse, off the corners, cracks, holes, fill the place, filling in place;

2, stone gap must be processed, mending glue must be qualified;

3, the stone material surface must be clean, surface without floating dust, slag cement, glue, wax and other surface dirt and loose parts (fire panels);

4, brushing before the protective fluid, stone surfaces must be dry, oily protective agent in particular. Because the stone if wet, inside the protective liquid will not penetrate the stone, protection will not work;

5, the stone material surface protection of marks must be uniform, ensure that each plate is painted, and the color line; if there are areas where protective agent to infiltrate faster surface dry faster, you need to repeat brushing;

6, defense construction must twice, after the first construction should have enough quiet time before the second construction.

How to ensure the protection of qualified and effective

Under normal circumstances, follow the above considerations can avoid some of the errors. However in the process of construction, by judgement effect is most effective. Method of judging the effects usually include the following:

, Observation and left protection comparison before, as well as different plates of contrasting color to ensure protection of stone surface gloss, and is darker and more lustrous than without protection; lighter parts need to continue brushing until the same surface luster of stone;

Second, to continue in stone by brushing the surface protection, and effective protection, if you continue to paint Protectant, stone will no longer absorb, if you are not sure whether certain parts of protection in place, can do so after first pass protection, continued to paint, if the absorption is very low, indicating protection qualified;

Third, experimental method in uncertain effectiveness of protective stone surface, sprinkler tests to see if there are obvious signs of water.