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Stone On How To Distribute Applications In Buildings
Nov 23, 2016

With the increasingly widespread application of stone, people growing emphasis on safety and quality of the stone. However, many people know little about stone features, a lot of misunderstanding so the stone, there is a need for stone in building a scientific and rational application of clearance.

Stone mounted in the air will become a security risk?

Top decorated with a stone heavier than glass 3 times, hundreds of thousands of slate affixed to the outer wall, people tend to think that there is a big stone curtain wall project, especially the top security risks, worry stones "from heaven" pose a safety threat.


In fact, stone is used on the exterior walls in strict accordance with the metal and stone curtain wall project specification (JGJ133-2001) required. From the process point of view, stone dry-hanging construction main point is located on the main structure, fixed by metal pendant stone on buildings to form a decorative stone wall. The main advantages of dry hanging stone: one is to enhance the safety and durability, can effectively avoid the wet process plates appear in hollow, crack, no desquamate phenomenon; the second is to keep the walls clean and beautiful, avoid white, color and so on; the third is to improve the conditions, reduce the labor intensity, speed up the progress of the various projects. From the material point of view, the decorative stone is the key to ensuring the quality of the material, in addition to stone, a major steel (aluminum) frame material, hanging plates, hooks, structural adhesive and sealing heat-resistant sealant, and so on. Made of aluminum, steel and other material, must comply with the regulatory requirements of the country. Electrodeposited coatings of aluminum surface must meet the requirements of countries beyond AAA5, steel must be hot-dip galvanized zinc or other corrosion-resistant materials for processing, in order to ensure that it does not rust. Attached hanging plate must be more than 3 mm stainless steel plate of 4 mm or more aluminum. Compared with the current widespread use of glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall of higher security. Compared with structural sealant fixed glass curtain wall, connected with the metal components of stone is much more solid.