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Stone May Easily Be Contaminated And Diseases Should Not Be Used: Really?
Nov 23, 2016

Many stone decorative stone after construction of "diseases", such as efflorescence and water spots, yellow, make people feel bad to serve stone, quality problems, resulting in resistance, use of stone is not easy.


In fact, these problems are not difficult to solve, is a protective treatment of stone before leaving the factory. Natural stone is minerals, internal of hair fine hole coarse, various sources as rain, and acid alkali, and oil, will into which formed "lesions", so should in stone specifications board factory Qian brushing stone protection agent, best is permeability of protection agent (has solvent sex and water two species), formed a protection barrier, block foreign of pollution into, prevent stone internal and the bottom of pollution seeping, to reached keep stone original face, extended stone using life of purpose. Second, stone the aftercare is also important. In order to keep the stone beautiful, careful maintenance is necessary, which includes daily cleaning, pollution response, and polishing polishing in three aspects. Daily cleaning and water or a neutral cleaning agent, has to dry the surface after cleaning, avoid pollution caused by residual moisture. Daily cleaning only clean the surface of dust and dirt, if you encounter some special pollution, such as pollution, oil, rust and other plant pigments, it is necessary to use special cleaning agents to clean. If the surface is not very shiny or scratch even has lost its luster, glazing or polishing the stone. Glazing with special potions applied with polishing machines to increase brightness; grinding is required depending on the stone depending on the degree of injury, light combined with liquid polishing by hand, you will need polishing machine with special agents, can make the stone to restore the original luster.