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Stone Laying For Attention In Construction
Nov 23, 2016

Laying the ground stone can be a combination of various varieties, shapes and sizes. Natural stone color shading, the key lies in how Stone colors, how to use space, lighting, colour matching techniques to minimize chromatic aberration occurs.

Laying considerations

1, and different shape, and different color of plate in laying in the will caused Visual Shang of illusion, designer are not only to can avoid for this illusion brings of negative effect, more important of is to will using this illusion, note variety color and variety shape Zhijian of match, note lighting of degree and way, note and around environment of coordination, to reached best of, and was unexpected of combination effect;

2, adopted by the coordination of specifications and the ground of the area. Plate specifications directly affects the area of the ground effect. Small size sheet gives the impression that the area is larger than the actual area, on the contrary, large size sheet appear smaller than the actual area of the ground;

3, the use of a variety of stone paving, the friction coefficient to be consistent with different friction coefficients of plates caused by contact with tolerance of different potential pitfalls.