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Stone Home Improvement Disease Response Analysis
Nov 23, 2016

Now people in home decoration, often choose to use a stone as a material, to modern people to the arts to life satisfaction. However, the stones once used for a long time or various reasons such as improper handling may lead to disease. Stone once the causes of the kinds of illnesses are extremely determined, programming becomes easier. We usually follow the stone illness of different kinds and serious cases initiated the preparation of programmes from the following areas:

1. determine direction. If illnesses such as spot appears, first of all, we can consider the use of relevant disease treatment agent or by physical cleaning method for processing; if it is worn, you can consider using the method of grinding, throwing for repair.

2. selection of suitable materials. Quality of the material was not absolute, application of the same material in different varieties of stones, different causes of illnesses, and even in different environments will produce different results. Therefore, in the selection of materials, should be considered according to the actual situation and the practical experience, must not "mechanically" or simply a "sweep", try all the material, so as to avoid an irreparable situation. Therefore, the correct material is an important factor in determining results.

3. the development of construction procedure. Construction program should be developed according to the actual situation, such as Rainbow handle, which is the first brush syrup? or the physical removal treatment? you may think that this makes no difference at all, in fact, it's just a simple question, but in a different case, different results can occur. If Rainbow occurred in polishing stone surface, we on should first with shovel knife eradication its surface of heavy white China part, then again coated white China clear agent, such speed fast effect and good; if Rainbow occurred in hair surface stone surface, we on should first brushing Bai Huaqing except agent, then again with steel brush gravity scrub white China part, such processing up on is easily more has. Formulation of the construction process is not a simple combination of processes, reasonable construction procedures are another important factor in determining results.

Of course, stone the cause of the disease and some not all of them can easily handle, and when the illness is complicated or difficult process, we also developed several construction plans can be tailored to specific circumstances. Here the author is telling you to problems encountered in the application of stone to have a general understanding of preventive measures well, should change the stone material renovated it and forget nursing concepts. This is the key.