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Stone Door Construction What Is The Process Of
Nov 23, 2016

An elevator door, marble:

1, the wall facing the marble color, elevation grid, color, pattern, and pattern should meet the requirements. Wall stone by type, size, performance, and should comply with the national level. Stone material hole, slot number, depth, location, dimensions, the design requirements are not allowed to have cracks, lack of edge chipping and so on.

2, wall hanging parts process should comply with national regulations. Stone surfaces and joints of the processing should comply with the design requirements. Stone surface (surface) are anti-alkalization and water treatment needs to be done.

Second, the marble door construction process:

Wall wall drilling play slots → → galvanized wire or copper wire assembled → line → → → wire connection marble slab fixed overall clean clear seam → → → → Grouting comprehensive inspection → acceptance

Three elevator door construction, marble steps:

(1) stone choice: using Colorimetry to stone the color of selected classifications, are installed on the same surface of the stone colors should be consistent, according to design drawings and stone block sequence number.

(2) wall grass-roots cleanup: clean up walls, installed base bracket. And structure, rules, pop up vertical and horizontal lines. And according to design drawings and the actual needs and block pop-up where to install the stone line line.

(3) line: depending on the size, construction lines, stone before installation in advance using theodolite fight Bighorn two vertical control lines, it is best to play at Bighorn 500px position, so feel free to check the accuracy of vertical thread line to ensure smooth installation and marking the line of control.

(4) install the bottom bracket, scheduled rest flat on the bottom line will be installed upon them. Supporting to support a solid, to connect well with each other, and the shelf together, after the stent is well, along the nail shop-supporting direction long 50mm plank, plank and catchy in the same horizontal plane, in order to ensure on a stone in the same horizontal plane below.

(5) install connection components: design of bolted steel peace stainless steel plate. Adjusting the position of flat steel plate, flat plate holes with slate inserts on the holes on the fixed flat-plate and wrench tighten.

(6) the marble plate installation: in the Groove and artifacts find a good location will be on the corner of a panel at the bottom in place.

(7) the Board tuning: installed marble decorative sheet and then adjust the level, such as panels and catchy inequalities, in wanting to connect one end of the flat pad on the plate at the end of the double stranded copper pad. Adjust the verticality and catchy stainless steel connectors from the adjustments panel wall gaps until the Panel vertically.

(8) install decorative plates at the top: top final layer panel in addition to the General slate installation requirements installation adjust the structure with stone crevice hung a long 20mm Atsugi, flat on the wood for stone and catchy 250mm, lifting points can be set on the binding of metal. Available color aluminum wire hanging wood, wood hanging well, namely tablets and filling in the spaces between the walls and filling tight to prevent leakage when filling.