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Required Changes In The Internet Age Stone Sales Thinking
Nov 23, 2016

The Internet "is the application of new technologies, business models and organizational transformation of the way one, is a new form of business. In this age of the Internet, shift in thinking is the most important. Through the Internet, existing sales to get rid of the stone people thinking with a new perspective, to look at our industry, this is the Internet gives us the greatest benefit.

On the way the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry, stone industry plays a role in many of the Internet. In production, for example, Internet sales, inventory and production data can be full open. Retail with many varieties, superficial inventories to capture market demand, display tools to promote sales, and drainage. The supply chain according to the different products sold, plain pin, unsalable condition of flexible production, continuous replenishment, continued cargo within the maximum extent to ensure the product life cycle, and there is no excess inventory. These can be resolved through Internet technology.