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How To Choose Marble Mosaics?
May 30, 2018

How to choose Marble mosaics?


Marble mosaics are made from natural stone through a special process and do not themselves incorporate any chemical dyes. The middle marble mosaic preserves the pristine color unique to the stone itself. This kind of natural marble mosaic puts people in the space of unpretentious colors and excellent natural textures. Naturally, they will forget the flashyness in reality. And oh, appreciate the truth and simplicity in this time-fuzzy space.


Because of its small size, marble mosaics can be used to make jigsaws that produce a gradual effect. Marble mosaics are mainly used for wall and floor decoration. Because of the small unit area of the mosaic, the variety of colors, and the endless combination of styles, it can inspire the performance of the designer's modeling and design, and fully display its unique artistic charm and personality temperament. It is widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment venues, home wall surfaces, art parquets and more.


Beige Travertine Stone Marble Mosaic For Exterior.jpgMarble mosaic has the advantages of relatively low cost and price, low radioactivity, even smaller than glass, tiles, etc., safe use, and its material characteristics make it easy to process. When you purchasing, you may pay attention to whether the particles are of the same specification and size, and whether the edge of each small particle is neat. Place the single-piece mosaic on the level of the ground to check whether it is flat and whether there is a thick latex layer on the back of the single-piece mosaic. The low water absorption is an important factor in guaranteeing the durability of the mosaic. Therefore, the water absorption rate should also be checked. Drops of water should be placed on the back of the mosaic. The quality of the water droplets spilling out is good, and the quality of the infiltration is inferior.