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How Granite Slabs Are Made?
May 22, 2018

How Granite Slabs Are Made?


Granite slabs are precision benchmarking tools made from natural stone materials, and are ideal benchmarks for inspections of instrumentation, precision tools, and mechanical parts. Especially for high-precision measurement, due to its unique characteristics, the cast iron plate dwarfs. Granite is derived from high-quality rock layers in the ground, and after hundreds of millions of years of natural aging, the form is extremely stable. There is no need to worry about deformation due to the normal temperature difference.


Granite main mineral composition is pyroxene, plagioclase, a small amount of olivine, biotite and trace magnetite, black color, structural precision, after millions of years of aging, texture, stability, strength, hardness High, can maintain high precision under heavy load. Granite slabs are suitable for industrial production and laboratory measurements.

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The inspection of the flatness of the granite slab has a different concept from that in the past. In use, the contact point of the granite slab is no longer blindly pursued, and the general use can focus on the flatness test. However, due to the continuous increase in the specifications of workpieces and granite slabs, the requirements for workpieces on granite slabs are also changing. The number of contact points of granite slabs and the processing costs of granite slabs Great relationship, therefore, wise users are no longer deliberately demanding granite touch points.