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Floating Window With What Materials
Nov 23, 2016

Floating window with what materials

Bay window commonly used material is stone, marble, stone and granite. Many of these materials, is rich and expressive, is indeed appropriate. From an economic point of view, you can choose a low price granite or marble, in their common specifications for width 800mm, meters, and generally 60-100 Yuan/m.

If you choose a luxury atmosphere of marble, imported marble prices as high as 200 to thousands of Yuan. Artificial stone prices are generally higher than marble. If you don't use stone, wood can also be used using paint approach. But pay attention, poor durability in stone. Can also use a soft approach to deal with Bay Windows, wood and cloth. So, what material associated with your preferences, also associated with price taken into account. Combination of these, I suggest you use marble, affordable, color, and other options.