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Why is the best choice of granite for kitchen countertops?
Aug 28, 2018

Why is the best choice of granite for kitchen countertops?


Amazonite Slab Price.jpgWhen you choose materials that are suitable for home kitchen countertops, there are many aspects to consider: design, color, price, usability, installation, and most importantly, hygiene. The food we usually buy may be heavily contaminated by some pathogenic microorganisms, so kitchen utensils are essential in ensuring food safety. The countertops of the kitchen must be thoroughly cleaned after contact with raw food. Otherwise, cross-infection may occur, and people may become ill after eating infected food.

The results of the study showed that the results of various infected countertops after washing with soap and water and antibacterial treatment with water and vinegar were not the same. Granite ranks second in antibacterial regeneration capacity, second only to stainless steel. When you want to choose a soft natural material, it not only has a high aesthetic value but also has a strong antibacterial ability, so granite is the best choice.

In addition, the color of the natural stone changes to create a grain, so that each table is unique. In most cases, the granite is well maintained, and you can even put the hot dishes taken out of the microwave directly on the countertop, which is something you can't think of for other products. Granite is also a green product that is also difficult to scratch or scratch, environmentally friendly and recyclable. Because it is not thermally conductive and is a good insulator, you will feel cool every time you touch it.