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Why is marble tile as a multi-faceted stone?
Oct 19, 2018

Why is marble tile as a multi-faceted stone?


China Crystal Pure White Marble Tiles.jpgThe marble tiles combine natural stone and stone. On the basis of marble, the natural marble weaknesses are improved from the aspects of technology, effect and texture, so that the marble tiles maintain the marble stone and the performance is improved. Natural marble has undergone thousands of years of geological movements, and nature has formed an ever-changing texture in the process of rocky mineralization. These texture trends are consistent with the terrain, ups and downs, high and low. The cross section of each piece of natural stone rock is different.

Natural marble has different features, so the designer will also take a complete cross-section of the marble as a reference for the design document. The beauty of marble is that there is a change in the roughly consistent lines. Completely consistent, fully standardized lines are more suitable for ordinary jade, artificial stone grain tiles, not suitable for marble such a design with overall grain trend.

Carefully review the marble tiles and you will notice a change in the texture of each batch of tiles. Because marble tiles select all kinds of rare marble stone from all over the world, and then use high-definition scanning and 3D inkjet printing technology, combined with inkjet oozing process, marble tiles are made of multiple stones, and each tile texture is different.