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Why is granite stone so durable?
Aug 21, 2018

Why is granite stone so durable?


Prefabricated Brazilian River White Granite Countertop For Kitchen.jpgGranite is the strongest of the rock. It is not only hard and hard to be dissolved by water, it is not easily attacked by acid and alkali. In its area per square centimeter, it can withstand more than 2000 kilograms of pressure; weathering can not have a significant impact on it for decades.

The appearance of granite is also very beautiful, often showing light colors such as black, white, gray, yellow, color, rose, etc., with dark spots dotted between them, beautiful and generous. Combining the above advantages, it has become the top choice in building stone. Among the mineral particles that make up granite, more than 90% are two minerals, feldspar and quartz, of which feldspar is the most. The feldspar is often white, gray, and fleshy. Quartz is mostly colorless or off-white. They form the basic color of granite. Feldspar and quartz are hard minerals, and it is difficult to use a steel knife. As for the dark spots in the granite, mainly biotite, there are some other minerals. Although biotite is relatively soft, its ability to withstand stress is not weak, and at the same time they have a small amount in granite, often less than 10%. This is the material condition in which granite is particularly strong.

Another reason why granite is strong is that its mineral particles are tightly bound to each other and are embedded in each other. The pores often account for less than 1% of the total volume of the rock. This gives the granite the ability to withstand strong pressures and is not easily penetrated by moisture.