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Why choose quartz stone?
Aug 13, 2018

Why choose quartz stone?


Artificial White Quartz Slab With Black Veins For Countertop And Benchtop With Lowest Price.jpgThe choice of cabinet not only affects the overall effect of the kitchen decoration, but also relates to the service life. The most important thing in the cabinet is the countertop. A good countertop is a visual enjoyment. However, countertop materials abound, the most common being natural marble, quartz and stainless steel. Among them, quartz stone is the most used, so why should we choose quartz stone for kitchen countertop?

Quartz stone has a quartz content of up to 94%. Quartz crystal is the natural mineral with hardness second only to diamond in nature. Its surface hardness can be as high as Mohs hardness of 7.5, which is much larger than the sharpeners used in kitchens. hurt. Quartz stone is a compact, non-porous composite material made under vacuum. Its quartz surface has excellent corrosion resistance to kitchen acid and alkali. The liquid material used in daily use will not penetrate into the interior and will be placed for a long time. The liquid on the surface can be wiped off with a cloth such as water or a clean and bright detergent. If necessary, the surface can be scraped off with a blade.

The lustrous surface of quartz stone is more than 30 complicated polishing processes, which will not be scratched by the shovel, will not penetrate liquid substances, and will not cause problems such as yellowing and discoloration. Daily cleaning only needs to be rinsed with water. It’s easy and simple. Even after a long period of use, the surface is as bright as the new countertop, requiring no maintenance or maintenance.