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Why buy a whole body marble tile?
Aug 09, 2018

Why buy a whole body marble tile?


Thunder Beige Marble Polished Tiles.jpgThe whole body marble tile has a wide application range, the ground can be used, the wall surface is natural, and the sandblasting can be processed more beautifully. In the place of use, the home bedroom, followed by the living room, study, dining room, bathroom, etc. Engineering, used in hotel lobby, stairs, cafes, restaurants, clubs, hotels, schools, government buildings, etc., are all possible. Especially worth reminding is that high-end places use stone, but the choice of marble tiles is more convenient and affordable, so you may wish to choose a compromise method, the purchase of all-round marble tiles is the best choice.

There are many different sizes of marble tiles available on the market. First of all, we have to say what specifications it has. There are two major categories on the market, one is a square and the other is a rectangle. Or distinguish the specifications, one is the conventional specification, within 900*900, the super-large specification of one type, the length of 1800mm or more. Popularly speaking, a common specification, one is a large marble tile.

In the selection market, there are many types of whole-body marble tiles. The main varieties are: candy glaze, dry glaze, glitter glaze and other techniques. On the hand, there are flat, concave and convex, semi-throwing, soft-throwing, Pickled noodles, fired noodles, lychee noodles, anti-slip factors, etc., you can think of it, you can produce it, what kind of stone is, what kind of whole-body marble tile is made.