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What are the colored stone identification methods
Nov 23, 2016

1, colored stone beautiful colors, but not natural, no chromatic aberration. From cuts and bottom, colored stone because after soaking, overall is black, sidelong and the bottom surface is white-gray.

2, plate cut with obvious dye penetration level, on both sides of the surface deep and shallow.

3, colored stone by stone loose and high porosity, water absorption rate of the domestic stone, using the tap method can also be identified.

4, the glossiness of colored stone is generally lower than the natural stone.

5, apply oil to increase the glossiness of colored stones on the back of oil.

6, the coating of colored stone, high gloss, but the strength of the film is not enough, easy to wear, light scratches.

7, wax increase the baking stone with a match or lighter gloss, surface gloss loss show the original colors.

Stone material needs processing services

1, first of all to the right size. Each stone is a stone manufacturers with large machines.

2, after the cut stone, each one exposed stone edges after grinding. Begins the piece if the edge of the baseboard is exposed and to rounded.

3, if the stone is close, require thicker edges, the edges tend to be 4 cm wide, stone thickness is about 2 cm undertones and is made of two layers of stone adhesion after edging.