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What are the characteristics of marble ?
Nov 09, 2018

What are the characteristics of marble ?


Customized Carrara White Color Marble Work Tops For Projects.jpgMarble, also known as marble, was mainly referred to as a white black-skinned limestone from Dali, Yunnan. It was later widely used as a decorative material, and various limestones were called marble. The marble countertop surface is not only beautiful and bright, but also has a clear and delicate texture, and it is not easy to be deformed. The hardness is very high, it has strong wear resistance, non-magnetization and durability, and it is also very popular in the cabinet market.

There are also some shortcomings in the marble countertop surface. For example, the marble has high hardness and high density, but it is not easy to process the design during the production process, and the color shape is single and the range of options is narrow. Moreover, the elasticity of marble is generally difficult to repair after cracks appear, and it is easy to breed bacteria.

The quality of marble cabinets is skillful. You can carefully observe whether there are cracks in the surface structure of the marble by the naked eye, whether the texture is even and delicate, and whether the edges are angular. In addition, you can also distinguish the quality of the material by tapping the stone to listen to the sound. The sound of the good marble is striking when it is struck, and vice versa.


Marble cabinets are expensive and often maintained and cleaned during daily use. The marble cabinets should be cleaned regularly, cleaned with a mild detergent, cleaned and wiped clean with a clean rag. Remember to avoid hard objects or corrosive liquids coming into contact with the marble countertops.