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What are the advantages of marble?
Sep 27, 2018

What are the advantages of marble?


Dark Emperador Marble Vanity Tops With Two Sinks.jpgThe concept of social advocacy for green environmental protection and return to nature is strong. Here, our true protagonist is pure natural marble material, and the marble countertops quietly warm up the marble countertops and are recognized by consumers with its natural texture. The advantages of using marble countertops for countertops such as home kitchens, bathrooms, and floating windows are summarized in the following points.

First, the marble material is pure and natural, with a strong sense of grandeur. In this fast-paced society, returning to nature after a busy day is a good way to unwind. Second, the marble countertops have lower cost and different colors. The most commonly used price ranges are only 200 yuan - 500 meters or so, which is the most economical type of countertop material.

The marble countertops are highly durable and have outstanding scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and maintenance-free. Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance and low temperature deformation. No scratches, no constant temperature conditions, and maintain its original physical properties at room temperature. The rock is naturally aged for a long time, the structure is uniform, the coefficient of linear expansion is extremely small, and the internal stress disappears completely without deformation. Not afraid of acid, sputum erosive, will not rust, do not need oil, not easy to stick dust, maintenance, maintenance is simple and convenient, long service life.