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Stone selection considerations for protection purposes, as well as protective agents
Nov 23, 2016

One, the stone material protection purpose and protection shown in the selection of points for attention are as follows:

First, you should understand the purpose of the stone material protection. The so-called stone protection, is brushing a layer of protective material on the stone surface (there is water repellent and oil repellent), formed in the stone surface and internal tension, permeating stone material, such as water, pollutants reduction gap.

Secondly, the contaminant with water infiltration inside the stone, it is difficult to clean. Water entering the inside the stone, stone is raised a variety of lesions, such as cracks, rust, water spots, Huang Hua. Therefore, the stone material protection indispensable.

In addition, stone has done six-sided protection when they go out, but the scene of the stone installation, because the stone surface requires grinding again, and protection put forward higher requirements, need to do at the construction site protection!

Second, protective agent selection method looks like this:

Select protector is a skill. There are many types of protection, such as water-proof, stain, oil, Polish, etc, while the protective principle are broadly the same, but the effect is absolutely different. For different stone, use spaces, suitable protective agent is important!

Three, the types of protective agents on the market, many brands, and this does not describe (mainly suspected advertising!); But no matter what brand of protective agent, at least take the following principles:

1, the use of protective agents cannot destroy the physical properties of stone;

2, the stone material protection must be made before construction of small experiments to determine the effect;

Prohibiting the use of amine 3, close protection agent shielding material.

Four storage method, protective:

Protective agent should be away from light in an airtight container. Solvent based protective agent should be according to the storage of dangerous goods. Protective agent storage period is one year. Protective agent should be shaken before use, permeable protective agent without sediment. Protector protector type and effective protection methods should be marked.

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