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Stone polishing technique
Nov 23, 2016

1 material

Polishing stones generally have two kinds of resin polishing resin polishing.

2 principle

Polishing the principle reflected in 2 ways: particle grinding principle of physical and chemical principles.

1, particles, grind: when the abrasive particles from coarse grinding to grinding, polishing and abrasive in grinding stone surface marks from coarse to fine, to no visible traces of surface renders the smooth, smooth, delicate, when the depth of 110 μm, and machined surface appears mirror-like gloss, shine, bright color.

Grinding particles formed by the following procedure:

① rough grinding: grinding knife quantity required deep, high efficient grinding, grinding grain rough, grinding out a rough surface, the main procedure before you remove products left in the flatness of saw blade marks and products, handsome face grinding;

Second half fine grinding: the coarse grinding traces are cleared, forming new fine-line products processing surface is flat and smooth;

③ fine grinding: grinding product pattern, grain, color, clearly displayed, delicate, smooth surface, start has a slight gloss;

④ fine grinding: after processing the product, no trace of detected by the naked eye. More and more smooth surface, gloss around 40~50du or so;

⑤ polished surface is bright as a mirror, have some specular gloss (85 degrees).

2, and physico-chemical principle: polishing of process has 2 a, that "dry polishing and wet polishing", polishing mill stone in "dry and wet" Zhijian Dang stone products occurred physico-chemical role, dry polishing is in stone surface temperature increased makes water evaporation, led to polishing mill stone concentration increases, to reached strengthened effect, products gloss degrees began reached has ideal requirements, gloss degrees up 85 degrees above or more high.

Polishing mill stone in was processing products Shang polishing, stay polishing products hot Hou, will board surface added water water, to up to cooling role, not allows continuous added water or large added water, or, water of lubrication role will will makes polishing up not to ideal effect, also cannot all using dry polishing, high of temperature will burned Board surface, and will makes Board surface appeared crack.

Generally, products fine mill Hou, products of gloss degrees in 40~50 around, and some stone fine mill Hou up not to above of gloss degrees, as Shanxi black, and black gold sand, and Jining black,, this class products fine mill Hou of gloss degrees only 20~30du Zhijian, with front of particles grinding principle explained enough side, this products in polishing "dry and wet", temperature of increased, cooling in the, strengthened polishing process, occurred physico-chemical reaction, products in after "dry polishing, and wet polishing" in the, gloss degrees gradually improve, Gloss more than 85 degrees

3 stone polishing machine

Professional stone polishing machine

4 several factors influencing the stone polishing

Stone polishing effect depends on two things: one is the polishing technology that is "the day after tomorrow" artificial external; second, the stone itself "a priori" internal cause.

If you do not consider the internal cause of the stone itself has, solely on the polishing process, several major factors affecting stone polishing is a type of Polish, polishing slurry (paste), polishing, polishing discs (tool, abrasive) and process parameters.