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Stone of Wikipedia-how to select stone cleaner?
Nov 23, 2016

(1)Liquid product cleaning agents should not be hierarchical, no suspensions or precipitation, same color should be consistent, in summer or in winter should be no color resin paste color to be consistent, feel soft and hard line spray product for uniform results; caking of powdery products cannot be, delicate forms, even.

(2) the smell

Cleaning agents (including solid, gas and liquid) there is no similar benzene, acetone, kerosene, Anabaena, pungent stench, gasoline, pungent, suffocating feeling, whether the smell was prohibited by the State when manual operation is not allowed. Of course, in the finished stone cleaner

All have no smell nor the real, but in stone after a sample test, the odor can be eliminated in a short time, and cannot be passed on to other objects. This is to determine whether the product itself has contamination or key to the formation of new pollution sources.

(3) clear the effect of pollution on stone

It is the ability to remove pollution from the stone. Stone removal is actually a construction impossible without time limits and, therefore, short-time observation of cleaning effect is essential, can find varieties of stone to be cleaning pollution is consistent with, or in the corner of the area to be cleaned first sample test, use a cleaning method that will be large-area application sample, observe its result.

(4) clear

Stone cleaner after cleaning, should be able to clean water clear or other material, without leaving any traces of odor and residue.

(5) security

Cleaning agent of national standards currently is no developed out, but can reference national 10 items indoor decorative material harmful material limited, and civil engineering indoor pollution control specification for control using, or sent detection, cast benzene, and xylene; formaldehyde, and II formaldehyde, Hou irritation smell, on people eye, and nasal has hot, and burning pain feel, on skin has itching, and burning pain, and hot sense, on Mucosa, and respiratory stimulus of are should caused note. The relevant sector cleaning agents should be proactively advance the safety standards.

(6) the flash point

This is to determine whether cleaning agent for flammable, explosive and the most direct target. Solvent, liquid products may refer to United States society for testing materials standard (ASTM-D39).

(7) the Ph

At room temperature, using test strips or pH value determination apparatus cleaning agent, there must be a determination of liquid against the other diluted reagent cannot be used as a basis.

(8) stability

As a product can be used in indoor and outdoor to adapt to natural conditions, stability is the basic conditions of use and range should be between-as high as mesophile temperature, a small amount of product is placed in a beaker, and placed in the oven and a refrigerator, and so back to room temperature was observed, its appearance and smell should not substantially the same as before logging.

(9) operation

It is the construction of facilities, some of the cleaning agents used harsh and needs certain conditions of temperature, drying, ventilation, and so on, are disconcerting to the construction workers.

(10) the report of the professional Inspection Department of physical and chemical