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Pollution prevention stone manifold
Nov 23, 2016

Stone for a pollution prevention more important than cleaning, daily long-term maintenance effect is better than the acute bursting clean. Through proper design and material selection, careful construction and maintenance to reduce and prevent dirt stains. Design right, contamination of sandstone products that pay attention to the following things:

Products for graphic processing, Anticlinal wall Cap stones, cave wall drainage does not require parts, water flows into a narrow structure, water flows through the concrete, glass and other building materials surface and flow to the surface of the sandstone sandstone products are vulnerable to pollution. In special circumstances, should choose to match the stone material. For example, when used as the lining the walls, elevators must be near the front and switch protection, furniture and so on. Incompatible combinations of materials prone to pollution. For example, a car on sandstone surfaces of liquids. Laying deck or ladder will become the pollution of coal permeability mortars. Error cleaning the seams after the handle is also an important factor.

Right approach involves careful attention to transportation, storage, construction and other aspects. Thin panels not only crispy vulnerable, and very easy for stains. Must pay attention to the mortar, paints, protective layer of stains, rust and the scaffold mechanical lubricating oil and other stubborn stains.

During the end of the storage period and construction, stone must be made of plastic or stain resistant cloth cover.

Fully aware of the entire service process may be due to contamination or pollution inside and outside human contact. Must be isolated from the source as possible, often removing dirt. In the contaminated areas, using appropriate paint and building cleaning agents to clean the stain. When cleaning the stone should be moderate, protect the environment and workers exposed to harm or loss caused by the stone itself. Taking into account the cost factor, cleaning should be cost effective. Therefore, you must be familiar with the following:

1, cleaning convenience methods and sites;

2, cleaning the stone causing loss of feeling;

3, surface pollution;

4, must be cleaned.