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How to identify marbles
Nov 23, 2016

Marble identification

Select level: according to specifications allowing the deviation angle, flatness and tolerances allowed, as well as indicators such as quality, surface finish, marble slab is divided into grade, grade and three levels of conformity; classification, identification of marble slab, mainly through equipment, measuring and testing to identify.

1. check the appearance quality

Different looks for different grades of marble plates. Because marble is a natural formation, defects are inevitable. And processing equipment and gauge the pros and cons of reasons for plate defects. Sheet plate is not full (warp or SAG), plate defective (cracks, sand holes, stains, etc), different specifications (such as lack of edges, boards are not). According to the national standard, various grades of marble plates are allowed to have some flaws, but excellence is not so obvious.

2. Select pattern colors

Marble slab colors, tonal variety, pattern, without the same, this is the marble slab precious charm. Basically the same hue, color small, decorative concrete manifestation of good appearance is, otherwise it will seriously affect the decorative effect.

3. detection of surface gloss

Marble slab surface gloss will greatly affect the height of the decorative effect. Generally high quality marble slab of polished surface has a mirror-like Sheen, clearly reflected the scene. But different quality of marble due to the chemical composition is different, even if the product is in the same grade, the gloss will be very different.

Of course the same material between different grades of plate surface gloss will have some differences. In addition, the marble slab strength, water absorption is an important index for evaluating the quality of marble.