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How to choose a countertop?
Jul 03, 2018

How to choose a countertop?


Cheapest Project Grey G617 Granite Tile.jpgIn fact, there is no special restriction on the choice of countertops. Just choose the countertop that suits you according to your cooking habits. The value of solid wood countertops is definitely one-of-a-kind, but when choosing, it is best to choose the kind of wood that grows slowly and has a high density. The price will be higher. Of course, there are also spliced solid wood countertops with better price. No matter which one needs to be sealed, antibacterial and waterproof treatment, otherwise cracking and moldy are minutes. The fire board is actually a particle board (wooden board), the price is more affordable than the solid wood, what kind of pattern can be made, the surface fire performance is better. But it is not resistant to hot, always need to use the pot mat, dirty immediately wipe, do not use sharp objects to draw, clean to be diligent, if it is a lazy cancer patient, it is still used with caution.

The marble countertops are low in cost, natural in texture, high in hardness, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and not easily deformed. However, there are many pores on the surface of the marble, and the dirt easily penetrates into it. Therefore, if you want to use natural stone as the kitchen countertop, in addition to sealing once every two years to seal the pores of the surface, you need to clean it very diligently. Quartz countertop is also a kind of artificial stone. The difference is that it is made by breaking quartz stone and then bonding with resin. Quartz stone countertops are very hard, not afraid of scratches, but also resistant to acid and alkali oil; and its only drawback is that the stitching can not be seamless, there will be some traces.


If the home is simple or industrial, stainless steel countertops are a good choice. Stainless steel countertops are known as the most easy to clean countertops, except that they are resistant to fire and heat, easy to clean, and because they are antibacterial; and stainless steel and artificial stone can be seamlessly integrated. The only problem is that the wear resistance is poor and it is particularly easy to spend. Moreover, the steel plate of the stainless steel table top is not thick, and will be deformed to be drum after being heated for a long time.