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How does the quartz stone industry usher in a new era?
Nov 01, 2018

How does the quartz stone industry usher in a new era?


Price Of Calacatta White Quartz Stone Countertops Benchtops For Kitchen.jpgQuartz stone plate in decorative stone is a common composite material. Quartz stone is not formed naturally. It is made of quartz sand, resin and other mineral materials by artificial die-casting. It is an artificial stone product, also known as synthetic stone. Since the quartz content in the sheet is higher than 93%, it is called quartz stone by quartz stone manufacturers.

The surface of quartz stone is smooth, dense and non-porous, and the color is rich. The hardness of the plate is higher than the Mohs hardness of 6 or higher; the water absorption rate is only 0.02%, almost zero, so the quartz stone has anti-penetration function; the requirement of quartz stone for the production of raw materials is The higher the quartz stone raw materials used before production are manually selected, so the quartz stone plate does not carry any radiation substances and toxins belonging to the green decorative stone; it is also one of the reasons why the price of quartz stone is higher than other stones.

How does the quartz stone industry break through the existing model and make the whole industry develop benign and rapid? Quality is the life of all manufacturing industries, and it is also the main symbol of all manufacturing industries. Without high-level quality, it is impossible to become a strong player in the industry.

Accelerating the improvement of manufacturing quality is the need to promote the transformation and development of enterprises, the need to enhance competitiveness, and the need to maintain the stability of the industry. The quartz stone industry should also abide by this law. In the future, the competition in the quartz stone market is no longer the price, but the competition between quality and service.