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How do marble tiles have their own development space?
Oct 25, 2018

How do marble tiles have their own development space?


Polished Mary Beige Marble With Light Cream Pink Line Marble Tiles For Wall.jpgCompared with other short-lived categories, marble tiles use natural stone as a template for research and development, which meets the needs of people pursuing natural and atmospheric decorative effects, and thus become the most popular and popular product. However, with the expansion of the marble tile market, market chaos has gradually emerged. Including the middle and low-end products in the quagmire and price wars, the definition of marble tiles is not clear, causing some manufacturers to mislabel the misleading consumers.

Small-scale enterprises do marble tiles purely to follow the trend, lack their own beliefs, lack the support of all customers, can only follow the wind, can not form a climate. The comprehensive brand adds marble tiles to its own product line just to fill the short line of the product line, to meet customer needs, and not to be very professional.

However, in the end market, the high-profile brands of Tom Lee can be compared with them. Large-scale, high-frequency, large-scale advertising delivery will pass on the brand and product concept of Tongli marble tiles to the most consumers, and enhance the high-end awareness of marble tiles!