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How acceptance of marble paving quality
Nov 23, 2016

Marble decorative materials natural marble and artificial marble ones. Natural marble hard texture, color changing, shades, a variety of gloss and form a unique natural beauty. Artificial marble than natural marble and light weight, high strength and thin thickness, corrosion resistance, resistance to pollution and has good machinability, made of curved, curved, simple construction. But not in the color and texture of natural marble and beautiful, natural and soft. Therefore, when choosing a marble material, should fully take into account the overall effect of self decoration, such as different parts of walls, columns, floors, such as and marble polished boards with beautiful patterns, such as Yun flying cloud patterns, like the texture of natural drawing. Marbles are also widely used in high-end toilet, toilet, washing table and all kinds of furniture. When you select a marble, marble surface is flat, angular defect-free, free of cracks, scratches, with or without sand hole, pure tones, and so are filtered.

In short, marble veneer finish high quality requirements, stony fine, beautiful color, the edges neatly, the surface must not have hurt, weathering, corrosion and other defects.

Construction technology: laying marble panels, should be thoroughly cleared primary ash and debris, rinse, and dry. Combining layers must dry mortar, mortar mix, mix well, do not use Larry. Paving mortar wet grass, pigment cement slurry after brush evenly, then spread with mortar, bonding mortar should shoot it rubbing. Panel tile front, plate should be wetted and dried in the Sun, try after Pu and Pu insert. After positioning, the plate evenly tap compaction, sprinkle dry cement floor tile is strictly prohibited.

Acceptance shall be focused on the marble façade tile is neat and firm, joint is straight, mark Askew, free of dirt, and pulp-free, surface, color-coordinated. In addition, it also should pay attention to the plate empty drums, seams have a high and low bias-free.