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Extend artificial stone life lies in conservation
Nov 23, 2016

When many people in Cabinet matching table, select artificial stone. Artificial stone atmospheric fashion, prices much cheaper than garden marble. Many people use the maintenance is not in place, the stone appear more or less the problem. To know what artificial stone once the cracks would be difficult to remedy, to extend the service life, the key is regular maintenance.

It is understood that the mainstream of artificial stone in the market currently is divided into three main types: pure acrylic artificial quartz stone countertops, countertops and composite acrylic countertops. According to the survey, the three Mesa, they are sales people often referred to as quartz stone countertops, which are often called artificial stone. In the table above, product performance, there is a big difference.


Cutting surface cracks

Troubleshooting: 1, possibly because the Cabinet countertops stress does not cause. Usually installed without reinforcing mat, cutting benefits without the pad part. Therefore, so more like hanging in the air cutting, if artificial stone hardness is not high enough, long purely mechanical parts to form cracks. Many Cabinet plant protection measures against the Mesa Central, Central rift flood's "disastrous" situation. 2, the possibility of human-caused cracks in Cabinet is minimal, unless you use in chop chop especially difficult thing on the table.

Pad tops crack

Troubleshooting: 1 section pad, pad material or there is a problem in itself, if the choice of wood is poor, sink water seepage or leakage, plate in such cases will swell, which leads to cracking. In table 2, enough cases of expansion joints, expansion and contraction occurs due to climate reasons, can easily lead to cracking. 3, the Cabinet without a pad underneath the whole Board or mat pad is rough and cause cracking.

Counter between the stove and the sink cracked

Problem diagnosis: 1, and open hole improper may caused cracking, regardless of is sink also is stove of hole, its around should is arc of, open hole Hou, also should in hole around added loaded a layer pad, increased bearing force; 2, and in "l" shaped and "u" shaped table Xia, if Cabinet body installation not flat, late Cabinet body sinking deformation, easy led to table of corner at appeared crack.


Proper cleaning to reduce countertop color

Acrylic artificial stone is better than stainless steel countertops and quartz stone countertops are more focused on the usual care. If artificial stone to drops of soy sauce or dark stain, usually in less than 10 hours to 12 hours to clean up over this time frame tends to surface leakage into the depths of the table, it becomes very difficult to take care of. In addition, large amounts of bleach and scale, after the travel time is too long, can also make table lighter.

Clean up, white impressions wetting light using cooking oil with a dry cloth to clean the surface, then 5 minutes to dry, and then with a damp cloth and soapy water to take care of, if still hard to take care of, that is has been a penetration. If penetration occurs, professional way to remove stains by polishing and waxing.

Special tip: can't use acid detergents, which are artificial stone corrosive surface. In addition, advised consumers to choose color-light table, because for a dark-colored artificial stone, soy sauce into the table below the surface, the normal light is hard to find.