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Common method for repairing marble
Nov 23, 2016

1, marble water and oily-enhancing;

2, mechanical tensile, compressive strength is enhanced;

3, after the grinding and polishing of the surface finish improved;

4, effectively make up for the material itself brings, more evenly and more radiant.

Specific process can be divided into three processes:

Surface pre cast

Marble gives the Organization loose, after sawing of the poor smoothness of the surface, such as glue, after polishing resin joints and cannot attach to the surface of the stone, not up to the desired result, marble abrasive, usually 1, 2nd left, make its surface smooth, concave-convex surface cannot be 0.20mm.

Second, clean drying

Stone surface by grinding Hou residues has stone powder and abrasive mixture, these dust will attached in stone surface and hinder epoxy resin and stone combined, and dust exists effect quality color, common method is: with brush tie water flush or with high pressure water scour (this method plate cannot loft), brush can effective clear stone surface and the gap within of dust, makes resin and stone contact surface increased, but due to water will influx stone gap within, water of exists hinder resin deeper into stone pore within, Plate clean Hou need dried or natural dried, but General dried method still will has water residues in stone pore within, as needed water home precipitation, used tunnel type or tower type two species drying equipment for drying, test control in 45 degrees ~55 degrees, time in 120 minutes around, but different material used different of time control, material more loose drying time more short, gap water copies completely drying Hou, as has conditions can side fill rubber side vacuum device sucking out gap of air, such resin on can more in-depth into gap, effect better.

Third, spreading epoxy resin cured polishing

Epoxy resin by heating melting Hou pour in stone surface usually used artificial uniform smear in stone surface, smear Baidu in 0.50mm to 1mm, wipe flat process in the to imposed must of pressure makes resin into gap within, as big flat used automation mechanical layer, stone tile resin Hou into drying container within, container spy control in 30~40du, time about for 120 minutes, by computer control, cannot vibration, as in at room temperature Xia needed still placed 24 hours around, resin to completely curing, After resin and material were merged into one, this glue process completely, by glue after grinding and polishing, marble mechanical strength, more uniform color, gorgeous.